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What is the real question? The FU Money System or The FU Mindset.

Yesterday I had an interesting conversation with a dear friend, which was reflected in this post. We talked about many things: life, family, travel, and much more; I guess that’s part of growing up. Interestingly, we both spend a lot of our time discussing money, which is unusual for us.

We asked each other if we had FU money and how we even knew we had FU money.

I’ve been thinking about it for a long, long time.

Let’s define our definition of money.
FU Money System is when you don’t think about spending on anything. You go to shops without thinking about the price and choose which piece you want. You buy a car because you like it; you don’t need it. You buy houses or apartments and never live there. You have a crew and the chef travels to keep you comfortable. You go on vacations to exotic islands and parties where money isn’t even an issue. Sounds interesting! Gold isn’t gold and it’s just a color, sailing and holidays in Monaco don’t even count.

Perhaps I was completely deluded, but as a test, I agreed to put myself in this situation and find myself surrounded by these riches. The only thing that came to mind was “freedom”. Money buys me freedom. Freedom to do whatever you want, do crazy things, or donate. So it’s not about the amount of money; it’s a “zen space” where I don’t worry about tomorrow. I do what feels right to me at the time. I thought a lot; Well, physical things come with responsibilities. I have to adhere to certain social norms and behave in a certain way. It will change people’s expectations of me, as well as my expectations. It sounds interesting. Yes, I’ve said it before; it was a very long minute.


So for me to enjoy FU, money is more important; so I have to think about the FU Money System. But how? This is the billion-dollar question. I have many friends who have successfully run multi-billion dollar companies; some even live in multi-million dollar homes, fly on airplanes, drive amazing cars, and live the lifestyle described above. They are exceptional, some of the best people I have ever met. Most are looking for ways to give back and create a better world. Perhaps the answer lies in what they are looking for. Well, I asked them and they agreed to freedom, i.e. FU thinking. I’m not suggesting that financial freedom is useless or that money is bad. Money is a way to do the things you want and need to fulfill your dreams, desires, and fantasies.

Money is critical but is money enough or even matter for the FU mindset?

FU Mindset

What is the FU mindset; The FU mindset is a state where you push yourself to achieve everything you want, but don’t become a slave to your dreams. It’s like you’re overwhelmed by everything, but you’re enjoying every moment. You don’t stop living and enjoying moments and you don’t have a goal addiction. Everything counts, even cooking for the children or making tea. Yes, even billionaires make tea for their friends. You enjoy everything; laugh at your foolish temptation and always be in a state of wonder.

How did you reach that state? Isn’t it a secret or a fortune? Once you achieve the FU mentality. You are invincible. It’s not about fun. When we’re all happy, we all have to go back to the caves. Humanity exists in our pure drive to discover the better. Everything in the universe has evolved or changed, every rock or leaf. That is the nature of the universe; we cannot be different. So evolution is critical, but finding joy in everything is an FU mentality.

I’m not talking about mindfulness and other Zen concepts. The FU mentality is when you are in a zen state all the time and your actions bring you closer to your ambitions. But you don’t associate your joy with it. When or where or whatever becomes your mantra. You enjoy the journey and don’t worry about the destination, and you become addicted to being happy when you get there. Your joy becomes almost contagious.

When the time comes, you will be happy.

It felt like a wake-up call despite the terrible news; You recognize him, smile at him, and make him count the day. Failure is not a failure for you. Would you like to take turns in a fast car and consider it an exciting ride, perhaps the best ride of your life? Maybe the idea of ​​FU is cycling. It can mean a lot to different people.

For me, the idea of ​​FU is complete freedom and acceptance of who I am and where I am.


  • How much do you need when you want it? Interesting question about age.
  • I decided to google money and found some interesting statistics.
  • A new survey shows that more than half of Americans feel embarrassed talking to others about finances.
  • A greedy person covets or grasps intending to acquire wealth. There is a word in the Qhichwa dictionary. I stand behind every word; there is a shortcut for this.
  • Google sells approximately 230,000,000 transactions on “FU Money”.
  • There are 9,220,000 videos on YouTube dedicated to “FU Money”.
  • About 500,000 pages on ‘Money’. I expected more.
  • I was intrigued by the question of what FU money is. Every writer has a taste of that. I don’t agree or disagree with any of them. Decide for yourself, I have only one piece of advice: find the definition of your FU spirit.

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